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Ada-Europe 2015 - Feb 8 deadline for Industrial Presentations

Dirk Craeynest 27 Gen 2015 23:23
The Ada-Europe 2015 Conference organizers decided to provide more
time for authors to finalize their contributions, and hence extended
the deadline for submission of industrial presentation proposals.


UPDATED Call for Industrial Presentations

*** EXTENDED DEADLINE Sunday 8 February 2015 ***

20th International Conference on
Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe 2015

22-26 June 2015, Madrid, Spain


Do you work on industrial projects, possibly Ada-related,
where reliable software is important?
Do you know people working on such projects?
Then this reminder is targeted to you!

The Ada-Europe conference seeks industrial presentations
which deliver value and insight
but may not fit the selection process for regular papers.
Many projects could report a lot of valuable experience:
sharing it with others benefits the whole community
and provides useful feedback to the project.

Authors are invited to submit a 1-page presentation outline via
by February 8th at the latest (firm deadline).

For more information please see the full Call for Contributions at


Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this announcement.
Please circulate widely.

Dirk.Craeynest, Ada-Europe'2015 Publicity Chair

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